Chinoiserie Porcelain Embroidered Robe

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The Chinoiserie Porcelain collection, with the embroidery and totem designs inspired by Oriental aesthetics, incorporates French laid-back attitude and romance with Chinoiserie style into bras and Chinese night-robes, bringing a different delicate ambiance into your daily life.

[From customized embroidery patterns] – The Chinese iconic buildings, landscapes, beauties, fully embroidered on the fabric in a single color, together with modern logos in a contrasting color, are the signature of modern, refined Oriental beauties.

[To a refinement of Chinese culture] – The line “The moon waxes only to wane” embodies the wisdom of the ancient Chinese. This is integrated into the overall design, leaving a blank space in each item, allowing Oriental beauties to display their classic charm.

The night robe is short in the front and long in the back with a cocoon design highlighting slender legs. The slope oversize cuffs present slimmer arms. The cross collar design is a tribute to traditional Chinese clothing. The cuffs, collars, and belts are all white with a negative space design.

  • Original patterns
  • Customized full embroidery fabric, with soft embroidery threads ensuring comfort
  • 3-D embroidery patterns bringing more delicate charm

Embroidery Yarn 100%Polyester
Embroidery Base: 90%Polyester 10%Elastane
Other Fabric: 90%Polyester 10%Elastane"

Care Instructions

Do not soak it in water for too long. The water temperature should be below 30℃. We recommend you hand wash it.
There's a risk of thread snagging of the embroidery. We recommend you put it in a separate laundry bag and apply the delicate wash cycle.
To prevent the fabric from turning yellow, do not expose it to the sun for too long.
The fabric is light and thin. Do not spin dry or forcefully wring it out.


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