The Portrait collection concept has been in our minds since we originally received the material. When you first see the fabric you will immediately find it to be unique and intriguing, but it might be hard to conceptualize how to design it on a bra.


Through countless designs and redesigns, on the edge of giving up, an idea suddenly came to us: "Everyone is unique wearing it".



The abstract lines on the fabric are drawing portraits of different women as if outlining the contours of each different person who may wear the piece.


With embroidery patterns of women's figures and faces outlined with minimalist lines, the Portrait Corset Top, which has undergone numerous modifications and tests, promises better coverage and is suitable for different body types, allowing women to show their diverse charms.

Ending a three-month tug-of-war with Swiss suppliers to coordinate back and forth, here's what we ended up with.

The redesigned Portrait collection with the Women in Green flavor shatters the narrow aesthetic ideas caused by body anxiety with its refreshing avocado color.This summer, set your body free to enjoy a colorful midsummer, getting rid of body anxiety.


Everyone has a unique silhouette,

Even if it is ordinary but not mediocre, each individual existence is unique.

Because of the uniqueness, there is no substitute for you.

You are not the shadow of anyone.

You are the only existence in the world.

That's the most cherished thing.